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We are professional concrete installlers and repair contractors. We expertise in building driveways, pathways, patios, and retaining walls. Our contractors have specialize in applying various types of finishes, including exposed aggregate, coloured & textured concrete, including various types of concrete finishes. 

As local-based concrete contractors, our aim is to help every home and business enjoy a high-quality concrete finish.  We offer economically suitable options for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. For many years, we have been working with big scale constructions and have connected with well-known architects and engineers to work with large commercial buildings, recreation areas, and driveways. You can trust our team to deliver a top-notch service using only New Zealand’s  highest-quality brands of concrete and aggregate mixes. Feel free to contact us.


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Auckland Concrete Contractors is a team of concrete experts working to help homeowners and business owners thrive with goodlooking and high-quality concrete finishes. Concrete has long been used in constructing driveways and road ways for homes and buildings. However, the present world now requires more technical and modern approach in concrete application. Thanks to our contractors who keep themselves abreast of the latest development in the constructon industry. We use our extensive training and experience to provide the highest quality of service in Auckland and Albany.