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Concreting your driveway? Auckland Concrete Contractors is one of the best concrete companies offering bespoke concrete solutions for all types of applications. Concreting your driveways is the most economical and practical solution for ensuring a durable and long-lasting path for your vehicle. Aside from improving the value of your home, it increases its curb appeal and comfort the moment you drive home.

Concrete driveway is neater and cleaner. It could be a part of your landscaping project or an independent project. Regardless, we are here for you. We also provide concreting solutions for commercial establishments. The heavy wear-and-tear in public driveways, car parks, and public parks require a solid concrete solution that can last for at least 20 to 30 years without needing for repair.
Our team has undergone extensive experience in commercial projects such as in public parks, carparks in malls, hotels, and motels.

​We also provide concrete driveway solutions for churches and many other government establishments. Whenever you are looking to hire a concreter, make sure you hire only the licensed and bonded contractors. Feel free to call us today so you can get a free estimate. 

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Best Concrete Finish in Auckland ​

Concrete Slabs
We have various solutions for just about any project requiring a concrete slab, including slabs for shed, houses, patios, and car ports. Using only commercial-grade brands and materials, we can assure you a high-quality finish not found in any other contractors in Auckland.  

Colored Concrete
Call it in many other way, colored concrete can add an appeal to your driveway. That’s right! You’re not just limited to the single-tone gray cement.  We offer integrally colored concrete to add depth to your driveway. Our aim is to help you have a natural look and earthly tones for your driveways. Feel free to contact us. 

Exposed Aggregate
This type of finish is very popular for patios, pools, and garages.  It is the type of concrete surface with stones exposed on top.  If you have a shorter driveway or pathway, this could be a great solution to elevate its curb appeal.